Our purpose

Dolby unlocks the power of sight and sound in the pursuit of awe-inspiring experiences.

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Experience it in Dolby

It’s the thumping downpour in a moody scene. The vivid sunset in the last scene of a season finale. The lyrics and music you feel deep in your soul.

Dolby’s remarkable audiovisual technologies heighten and deepen your experiences, letting you see more, hear more, and feel each moment more deeply. With the crisp details and sharp contrast of Dolby Vision, you'll catch every emotion flickering across a character's face in a dark night shot. With the multidimensional spatial sound of Dolby Atmos, you’re feel transported into the middle of the mission with the jungle coming alive all around you.


There’s nothing like an experience in Dolby.

Our Values

Elevate your entertainment

Whether you're watching a thriller or playing the latest game, Dolby offers you a cinematic entertainment experience without compromise. Look for Dolby in all your entertainment.

Empowering creatives in their pursuit of awe through Dolby Institute

We're inspired by the passion and curiosity of artists, filmmakers, musicians, and storytellers. That’s why we’re dedicated to dreaming up breakthrough technologies that transform audio and visual experiences in ways you never thought possible.

The Dolby Institute was created to educate, inspire, and empower the next generation of filmmakers, musicians and game developers. Through university partnerships and community programs, we’re actively involved in helping new creatives find their voice by expanding access to software, making professional technology easier to use and getting artists the resources they need.

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